Tuesday, 2 September 2014


After school activities are much more fun as the kids get older.  Ishie and I baked and Alastair and Iain spent time in the garage measuring and sawing wood.


Today we baked, from scratch, a Swiss Roll.  After we finished she was keen to look up in my recipe books something else that we might tackle. How about Christmas cookies with sprinkles?  Here she is making out my shopping list.

Meanwhile here is Alastair up to his usual nonsense!

In the park after school I took this video with my iPhone.  It took me several attempts.  It was only when Ishie took it out of my hands to show me that the round red signal means video is waiting and square red signal means it is recording.  Ah-h-h-h ... I had it the wrong way around.

In case it does not work, the video is of Alastair shimmying up the swing bars using his 2 hands - no feet.... as in the photo below:

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