Monday, 4 August 2014


It's back to auld clathes and porridge now that the Games are over.  Everyone agrees that is has been fun and a real shot in the arm for the city.

Maggie, who was a volunteer for the 10 days is now putting her feet up - happy but exhausted!

I went over to her house this morning to hear all her stories of meeting and greeting folk.  She gave me a wee present: a traffic cone from our local Lidl store.  Now this cone is similar to the one that sits on the head of the Duke of Wellington as he sits on his horse outside the Gallery of Modern Art in the city centre.

This is my photo of him taken about 5 years ago.

I don't have a small-sized statue of the Duke of Wellington to put it on so I did the next best thing: I be-hatted the IKEA monkey that always sits inside our front door.

This monkey called Hunka Munka.  He resides just inside out front door and is used when I need to place him outside the door to indicate to the children or Mairi that I am, like the Queen "in residence". 

So here he is today, back inside, slumped against the door, exhausted, after all the recent activities.

 * * * * * *

There is a wonderfully funny video of the Duke on his horse by Kevin John Green Lord at this site  here:

( I cannot figure out how to embed it....!)


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