Monday, 11 August 2014


We had a lovely surprise this morning!  At precisely 9:50 am a Parcel Force delivery arrived with a large box from Amazon.  It contained books and videos from Alastair!

What was amazing is that Alastair and I only talked about these books etc on Saturday night at 6 pm our time - less than 48 hours ago! 

I suggested that Iain might like a recently published book Last Man Off by Matt Lewis about a Scottish fellow who was aboard a fishing vessel that sank in the South Georgia Sea.  It was on BBC Book of the Week last month.  (Poor Iain, who reads avidly, is very often given whisky as a present; he really doesn't drink the stuff any more!)

The BBC Radio 4 site describes it "In the spring of 1998, Matt Lewis was just 23 and not long out of college when he accepted a job as a scientific observer on the deep-sea fishing vessel Sudur Havid. It was his first time as an observer and, with the fishing season already started, he was rushed out to Cape Town to join the crew. The boat then sailed off to the Southern Ocean, off South Georgia, to fish in some of the most hostile conditions on the planet.

Last Man Off is Matt Lewis's story of that journey and the fateful consequences. It is a story that has waited over 15 years to be told."

And there were pressies for me in the box ... like Christmas!  Maggie and Brian had taken me to see the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. I mentioned to Alastair that I was captivated by the first piece of music in the film. Alastair included in the box a CD of the movie soundtrack!

The opening piece of music that I liked turns out to be: "the Appenzell yodel 's'Rothe-Zäuerli' by Ruedi and Werner Roth, is from the Swiss folk group's Öse Schuppel's album Appenzeller Zäuerli." [Wikipedia]

(The film is a British-German co-production financed by German financial companies and film funding organizations, and was filmed entirely on location in Germany.)

This short video is of that music (and only that piece):

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