Sunday, 10 August 2014


Alastair is about to start school this coming week. He is now 6.5 years and going into Primary 3 at Mosshead Primary.

John took this photo of him yesterday on their outing to see the Celtic crosses and Viking grave stones in Govan Parish Church. Is this budding engineer? 

Or .... do we see a budding architect?

 Mairi showed me this A4 sheet of paper where she drew the figure on the far right (Clydie from the Commonwealth Games) and Alastair drew his figure beside it.  Quite impressive we thought!

For the record, here is his elephant that he drew in his first year at school.  He was 4 1/2  - rising 5 years old! It was on the display board showing the children's work at the end of the year. Again ... impressive!

However the above picture on A4 turquoise paper is one I kept from a couple of years ago.  At the kitchen table he drew a pumpkin. I have written "aged 4 years and 8 months of age".  Disregard the black bits at the bottom. Look at the outline to make the shape of the pumpkin: a near-perfect circle!

 Some photos from last month's holiday in Arran:

Here he is in Kildonan, just off the beach where we had been beachcombing.

The beach at Kildonan.

 Finally, here are Ishbel and Alastair waiting for the Waverley at Brodick pier.

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