Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Indy had an examination under anaesthetic today to determine if there were any cancer cells in his eye.  None were found so it is good news! 

Alastair, Dawn and Indy, aged 2 and a half, taken while on their visit to Scotland this past month.

Indy appears to be using his left hand mostly but often alternates between the two.  It is his left eye that has the prosthetic. It stays in all of the time; on the whole he doesn't fiddle with it, i.e. it doesn't appear to bother him.

Here he is in the back garden lining up the water jet into the watering can. He chatters away to himself "Got work to do." .... "Indy be careful."  Like all 2 year olds he is full on, i.e. busy running about the place playing with cars especially the ambulance.  He likes lining things up e.g. stones on the wall, cars being parked in his makeshift garage.

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