Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Alastair was with me today as he was unwell and did not go to school.  Seeing we had this unexpected time together without noise and other distractions we occupied ourselves with drawing and other quiet activities.

He is 6 years old now and in Primary 2 at Mosshead School, Bearsden.  (Here is a photo taken of him and Indy last month when Alastair and family were here for 3 weeks.)

As he arrived today with his current school reading book I suggested we sit and read it, i.e. he would read and I would listen so as to get an idea of what level he is at.  Well!  I was very impressed!


This book is part of the school's Early Reading Series and is published by Orion books.  Six years old and he reads fluently words which include: thought, continue, aisle, whine and whinge. It was a terrific story and we had great fun turning the pages.  Full marks to the author, Francesca Simon!

When we finished I asked him "What kind of book do you like best?"  "Chapter books!"

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