Saturday, 26 April 2014


It must be the spring sunshine that brings people out.  Or is it that everything happens in 3s, like the buses (i.e. there are none and then they all come at once)?

Well today was one of those days. I was out in the early morning with Harriet who is recovering from a tummy bug (having been picked up by others in the family). I headed off from Mairi's house pushing the pushchair like a homing pigeon retracing well-worn routes of years ago.  After my first stop in Joe's shop I headed off to the swing park and there I met a lady (my age)  from the neighbourhood I had not seen for quite awhile.  She was doing exactly the same thing as me... out with the one grandchild in a push-chair plus another one of 3 years old.

We got talking. She told me that her husband had died one year ago after a lengthly illness.  However I got an awful shock when she told me that exactly a year after his death her son had unexpectedly died.  He was a fit, healthy person of late 40s - heart attack - and these were his 2 children.

These while bluebells were growing in the area adjacent to the play park where we met ... quick photo taken with my iPhone.

Having delivered Harriet back late morning I headed off to the Canadian Ladies Luncheon in Stirling.  Goodness!  If there wasn't a wonderful lady there that I had not seen in 20 years!  She returned to Ontario, ran her own business and is back and forth to Scotland doing Granny Duty now that she is retired.  We agreed that we are both aging, if not gracefully, at least as well as can be expected!

And finally it was time to catch up with 2 other ladies I had not seen since the last luncheon.  One of them was a great gardener and trilliums were her specialty.  Here are some from the National Trust Garden at Geilston this week.  The maple leaves above are also from Geilston Garden this week.

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