Saturday, 29 March 2014


It was Mairi's birthday this week. Time to down tools and have some fun.

Mairi and two of her friends and I had a night out at a 'James Bond' dinner with my Wine and Dine group.

The last time (come to think of it, the only time...) I had a martini it was with John Hembling in a nightclub in Vancouver about 1964.  He was so-o-o sophisticated; I, definitely, was not!

After school cake baking time: two cakes from Marks & Spencer's chocolate cake mix (which are better than my efforts) meant that there was no squabbling.

We have this ritual "Cooks get to taste the baking" but sometimes things get a little out of hand... like  "I just need to taste it to see if it's gone off!"

* * * * * *

Here is an up-to-date profile of Mairi's gang:

 Alastair, aged 6, who can now 'go the monkey bars'.

Ishie, aged 7, who is long, lanky, a whizz with numbers and loves being a Big Sister.

And who gets lots of cuddles? 
Harriet, aged nearly 10 months  with Alastair and John.

The perfect play place for pulling herself up!

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