Thursday, 27 March 2014


Today was Ishbel's year at school (Primary 3, Mosshead Primary) to present their project work.  It was Knights and Castles.  We were treated to a short stage presentation and then free to visit the classroom to see their work.  After this we had a 'banquet' of (mum's dad's) home baking in the main school hall.

Here is Ishbel in her Lady of the Castle outfit. She is beside the castle her group of 4 built. They had worksheets where they learned all the vocabulary related to castles e.g. broch (the earliest Scottish castle), motte and bailey, portcullis etc and clothing related to amour e.g. gauntlet and ... a word I did not know...  'sabaton'  which is what the shoes of a suit of armor are called.  (I should have guessed that as I recall the French Canadian song Avec mes sabots (with my shoes).

Each child designed his/her own shield by incorporating images related to their family.  So here is Ishie's: Scottish flag of St Andrew's, the flag of Wales where her other grandparents live, the Canadian flag in the lower right (well done!) and I am not sure what the lower right is ... I'll have to come back on this....

This is Ishbel's description of life for a woman (again, impressive ... did you ever get this sort of stuff at school?!)
"Babys - Child birth was often dangerous for medical knowledge in the Middle ages was limited and standards of hygiene were low.  Many mothers and babys died but families were still often large. Noble women sometimes gave their babies to wet nurses to breast feed rather than doing this themselves."

They also had worksheet arising from the topic of chivalry.  There was a list of characteristics: bravery, truth, honesty, politeness, courtesy.  They then had to write their own sentence illustrating the meaning of the word.  Again, what an imaginative way to introduce these values into the classroom.

Here is our RSVP to 'Lady' Ishbel's invitation to attend the banquet. I had great fun composing it and printing it out using Photoshop and the computer. The crest is MacLeod, of course with its motto 'Hold Fast'.
"Lord and Lay MacLeod of Caisteal Dubh are pleased to accept Lady Ishbel's invitation to the King's Banquet at Castle Mosshead on the Isle of Albiston.  We are planning to arrive in our birlinn 'Dunsinane' and will need a protected harbour on your island where there will be water available and no risk of night-time raiders.  We are also bringing our deerhound Thane.  He chases sheep and only eats McDonald burgers."

As 'Lord' Iain spends a great deal of his time trying to solve Scotland's energy situation* this display in the hall of another classroom caught my eye.  It is 'Renewable Energy Primary 5/6'.   Again ... very impressive!  Clever wind turbines!
* Since you asked ... No, he hasn't solved it yet.

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