Sunday, 30 March 2014


The bulbs I planted last autumn are now flowering as the days are longer and the sun is higher in the sky. While the leaves are not out yet on the trees these bulbs and tree blossom give us very welcome colour... spring is just around the corner!

 Outside the entrance to the back door and garage.

 In  'garden room' which joins the main house and garage. These daffs were bashed and blown about from the recent wind but when collected from where they lay on the ground and put in a vase I found they had a wonderful fragrance (unlike supermarket daffs)!

At the front door. The primula is one Maggie gave me about 6 weeks ago when she bought it at a garden shop in Wales.

Blossom on Nethermains Road, Milngavie, about 11am this morning.  This is pretty typical of the weather we have had this week, i.e. low cloud with a cold east wind.

(A good day earlier this week!)
My view of the sky when putting my head back high on the swing in the kids' park at the back of our house.

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