Thursday, 13 March 2014


Time for digging and planting.  Alastair 6 and Ishie 7 are helping in the garden after school this week.

Last year we planted peas and they were a huge success meaning that there was lots of "play" for them.  Peas sprout easily and seem to grow wherever they are put in the ground.  Last year Ishie planted the little peas that sprouted in the trays we prepared in what she called "families" or groups in the ground.  Who needs rows anyhow?!

Here is Alastair digging in the garden.  It was a glorious day and he spends all his time out there looking for worms.

I said to him that he would make a good farmer. (I can see him pitching hay effortlessly from the ground up on to the back of a tractor.)  He said "Definitely not! I'm going to be a racing driver." Now that I can believe!

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