Monday, 3 February 2014


Indy had his quarterly eye examination and the news is good.  Dawn gave a report on Facebook:

"Indy continues to be cancer free in his right eye! And he had an impression of his left eye made by the ocularist while he was under. So hoping in a month or two we'll have a better fitting prosthetic."

Certainly all credit goes to the Vancouver Women and Children's Hospital who are monitoring our wee fella.  Dawn and Alastair carry on with their good parenting too, of course.  Indy is moving out of the Terrible Twos as he will be Three this coming August.  Never an easy age and they have their work cut out for them with Indy's added needs ... like trying to find his artificial eye when it disappeared last year!  It turned up but not after they were tearing the place apart looking for it!

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