Sunday, 2 February 2014


Today is Alastair's 6th birthday.  The idea was to take the kids out to Loch Lomond to build a fire and roast hot dogs but the weather has been so wet that we decided to pull out a left-over aluminium (aluminum) tray with charcoal BBQ from the supermarket and based ourselves in the back garden.  Actually the sun came out and, though cold, stayed out for most of the afternoon (and welcome it was too)!

Grandpa built Alastair a bogie and here they are doing their test trial.  Mairi brought over the wheels and frame of a broken pram (baby buggy) and Alastair and his friend Jack were kept occupied in the garage with this project... a much more successful way to have a birthday outing than half a dozen boys screaming around the place! 

(One of the highlights was introducing the kids to French's Mustard ... no hotdog is complete without it as far as I am concerned. To rather blank kiddie faces I explained that this hotdog I was eating reminded me of happy times at baseball games, hockey games, on the beach (Shuswap Lake).... "Huh?"

Needless to say, the bogie has been given another name that has a bit more of a ring to it:
'Harriet's Chariot'

Hariett is now sitting up at 8 months old.

Last week we had a Burns Supper here  and Iain played the bagpipes for the occasion.  Harriet did not quite know what to make of it all at first, but with the help of Ishbel covering her ears (!!!!) Harriet did not really seem to mind it all!


And lastly here is Ishie: very industrious she is. After school she likes to get outside for a bit and even though the weather was a bit damp she managed half an hour with a bucket and rag that I gave her!

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