Wednesday, 1 January 2014


We enjoyed having the neighbours in last night.  Iain played the pipes as they arrived - no show without punch!

Our hall table

Billy and his wife across the road brought some Christmas cake that he had made.

Today the weather is wet so it calls for cups of tea in front of the fire.   The garden is soaking but the bulbs inside are giving the very first glimmer of growth and even a bit of colour with this hyacinth.  The cyclamen plant is on its last legs but brighens up the sideboard. It matches the colour of the funky masquerade mask stuck above it on the wall.  The red funky bottle stopper came from Maggie; it's a cork with dancer's legs jiggling in the air.

I really enjoyed listening to the BBC radio coverage of the 2014 New Year's Day Concert from Vienna this morning.  I know it is on TV (Vienna Philharmonic with Daniel Barenboim conducting) and I will catch it later.  

Meanwhile I was reading that the "Vienna State Ballet dancers will be decked out in tartan kilts and plaid leg warmers for January's New Year's performance, thanks to custom costumes from Vivienne Westwood, best known for her punk-inspired designs." * That's the colours in the swatch inserted above.  To my eyes, this is a good example of how to use food colouring (e.g. tartrazine and allura red) in fashion!

* New York Daily

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