Monday, 6 January 2014


I have not had a good day.

I was at the garage mid-morning to see about a small prang on the wing mirror of my car, a Volkswagan.  I clipped it on the garage door at the weekend.  Alan fixed it by popping the cover back on again and as I was driving off, Mairi drove in to leave her car with Alan.

I magnanimously offered to drove her back home after she collected Harriet from the Nursery.

Well, as I pulled into the car park at the Nursery I drove over the edge of the parking area and on to loose stones laid of soft earth.  I got well and truly stuck.  (Note to myself: add this to my Book of Bad Design, i.e. no raised edge, barrier or traffic cones at edge of parking area.)

Nothing for it but phone Iain to come and pull me out.  I even had a robust tow-rope in the boot (trunk).  He phoned to say he couldn't get his car to start - clutch trouble.

So I called the AA and, eventually, the nice man arrived and pulled me back on to the tarmac. So it was a bit of a wasted day for both Mairi and I except that while we waited Mairi sorted out a problem I had with not getting a ring tone or vibration on my iPhone.  I guess when the software was updated recently the default position was OFF and I never thought to check it out in Settings to take it off that position.

We headed home to Mairi's house where John was just in having collected the children from school.  He had a pot of tea and hot, buttered toast waiting.  Heaven!

Meanwhile here is a nice photo of the two of them as we sat in the foyer waiting for the AA man to arrive.

PS.  All's well that end's well: no damage done and no cost incurred.

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