Monday, 30 December 2013


As the next front of stormy, wet weather moves across the country we have decided there is really only one antidote: drink....

It's New Year tomorrow and while it is Ishie's 7th birthday (we never forget her arrival into the world!) we have decided to share our delightful fire (which has been on every day since before Christmas with me firmly in front of it) with our equally delightful neighbours.

They are a mixed bunch but are indicative of the settled community, indeed, the settled society, namely post-war Britain, that we live in.  I am looking forward to hearing a bit more about them as they all have stories to tell; none more so than the couple of octe-geraniums that surround us.

Having people in is easy these days.  Since we down-sized the simple matter of hoovering and dusting has ... well not quite gone in a cloud ... but certainly requires much less time than past years!  Less square feet; less work.

Time to get out the good glasses, by that I mean tumblers for the whisky. If Dawn's parents were here we'd buy some whiskey just to even things up.  Our problem is that we are awash with the stuff!  Iain is given a bottle when (a) he plays the pipes (b) fixes the neighbour's greenhouse or erects a handrail (c) speaks at a dinner (d) doesn't speak at a dinner ... (only joking).

It wouldn't be a problem if he drank the stuff; he does not.  I'm the one who does ... so I tough it out.  No, I don't take a bucket but I do enjoy "one finger" [measurement of height in a glass by putting your finger sideways, parallel to the table surface, adjacent to the base of the glass] or, like Iain's father, calling for a second drink: "make it two fingers".  I recall him saying after a second dram,  "Now that is me back to par!"  I reckon I fall into that category: 2 drams are lovely; after that I fall asleep or can't think straight!

So ... if the rain stops lashing the window next to my computer, I will venture out for a few hours.


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