Monday, 2 December 2013


Today is Monday and life moves on. Mairi returns to work after her maternity leave so that means the routine will change a bit.  Harriet starts at Nursery today.  She is 6 months old and will go to the Nursery at Mairi's work.

Here is Iain with her last week. 

She's as bright as a button and keeps us all enchanted with her little ways. She's an easy baby and likes to be "in the body of the kirk" as they say here.

After Mairi went to work this morning I sat at the dining room table in their house while we waited for the appointed time to walk to school.  I bought the Glasgow Herald to read about the developments of the helicopter crash on Friday.  Here we are at the table this morning.  

I said to the kids "Gosh it's quiet without Harriet.  I miss her!"  Without looking up Alastair replied "I really miss her 'cause I love her so much!"  

While it was a bit spooky without the Wee Person about the place, I can tell you things have been even spookier ....

It transpires that Mairi was just along the street from where this helicopter (above - getting lifted out of the Clutha Vaults today) dropped from the sky killing 9 people.  See my previous blog 2 day's ago.  She had gone out of the event she was attending and was departing in her car only to find the first of the ambulances were arriving ... and only learning later what had happened.

Now that the helicopter has been lifted out there is hope that the missing people can be recovered ... and the business of funerals can begin.  In the meantime people are laying flowers at the site of the accident and, like us, getting on with the day to day business of life.

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