Saturday, 14 December 2013


There is a lot on at this time of year!  Several pantomines in city theatres, school concerts, and various choirs' concerts.  Then there are office parties, people meeting up for lunch, work deadlines to meet before things stop for the holidays (pretty well from Christmas to the Monday after New Year's Day in this part of the world.)

I took myself off to Aberdeen last week and joined friends for a birthday party.  Iain was away in the mountains at a Club Annual Dinner.  This photo is of Queen Street Station in Glasgow, the one in the city that serves the north and east of the country.  The Christmas tree was up and the trains were running to time despite storm damage the previous day.

The lunchtime party last Saturday was held in an Italian restaurant in Aberdeen.  Excellent food, and good company (20 of us).  After a few glasses of this lovely wine above I was fair enjoying myself ... except for one things: it got noiser and noiser with office Christmas parties filling up the other tables.  Oh dear ... shrill women's voices, raucous laughter combined with Christmas crackers popping really started to get to me! 

Mid-afternoon I headed off to the train back to Glasgow ... very busy but I had a good book to read thankfully.  Mind you, I spent more time just watching the gals boarding en route: Perth, Stirling and Dunblane.  They were dressed up for a night at the Glasgow disco clubs.  By that I mean short flimsy tops, leggings, loadsa jewellery and maybe a fake fur garment that passed for a jacket.  Several sat the whole journey with compact cases out adjusting their mascara etc.  Compacts!!! Sheesh ... I though that went out in the 1950s.

Anyhow... where was I?  I eventually arrived home using our suburban train and was quite glad to fall into my own bed.

The next day, Sunday, Mairi, had purchased tickets for the Pinocchio Pantomime at the Pavillion Theatre.  She was bringing 2 little friends for Ishie and Alastair.  John stayed at home with Baby Harriet. 

What I did not know was that, after collecting all the Little People, we were going to Macdonald's for a meal before the panto.

I was up for that. It's probably been 10 years since I was in a Macdonalds (and it was in Stockholm) but I was amazed when I walked in. (We were in the Maryhill Macdonalds - not the most salubrious of locations in the city.)  The place was bright and cheerful and spotlessly clean!  It was pleasantly quiet with folk dotted about the tables.

I ordered a Festive Beefburger and an Americano coffee. The burger was absolutely delicious and tasted of real beef (or 'hamburger' if you are North Amercian).  And the coffee tasted of plain ordinary, fully flavoured coffee beans. 

Hats Off for Macdonalds!

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