Sunday, 22 December 2013


While Ishie was busy in the living room decorating our tree - a real tree, naturally - I managed to keep Alastair occupied for 20 whole minutes decorating our "other" tree.  This gem of a tree I purchased in IKEA last year.  It is exactly 2 metres in length, cut from a big bolt of cotton cloth,  with the picture of a fir tree, presumably Swedish, printed on it.

In our (only) spare room I have a pulley where Alastair and I pinned the fabric thus creating a wall hanging ... well, a pulley hanging, actually.

Digging around in our Christmas Decoration Box I found the stockings to be hung. Using safety pins, again, we ... that is ... he pinned each stocking on the tree. We later added Advent buckets and a Swedish felt angel at the very top.

The 6 red felt stockings with names go back to 1966 when I made the first one for Iain (and 3 of his mates who lived together in a house on West 13th Avenue in Vancouver).  I recall that I was supposed to be studying for exams which were being held the following morning and I just couldn't get the energy up for the work of it!  (That was probably the first time I did something I should have learned years earlier ... give it a rest; you are never going to learn anything the night before an exam!)

Anyhow, where was I?  The next red stockings were made over the years as the dramatis personae unfolded for subsequent family Christmases:  Mairi, Grandma, (Auntie) Iseabail and lastly Alastair.

These mukluks (Eskimo skin boots)  pinned to the bottom of the tree are a treasure of mine from the early 60s.  I think they were purchased in Calgary probably at the Hudson's Bay department store as there were no specialty shops and I wore them when I was in high-school ... not in the snow but more as jazzy slippers.  (Sheesh!  To think that I have had those in a cupboard all these years!)  I still love them!  Let's say they are for wee Ishie and wee Ali.

Lastly I purchased this lovely Christmas stocking at the Norwegian Ladies Craft Sale a couple of weeks ago.  It was knitted by Ragna and is an absolute joy to the eye!  Look at the colour, the detail and the intricate work of the pattern!  How about if we make that for John?!

Heavens!  I nearly forgot Baby Harriet's!

Her stocking hangs on her pram but is temporarily pinned on the top of the tree.

Here she is this afternoon ... full of the cold and full of blethers!

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