Thursday, 10 October 2013


Last week Iain and I took Ishbel and Alastair out to Loch Lomond as they had a day off school (September weekend holiday). 

As is our habit we call these outings "an inventure".  This is an Alastairism meaning that it is an adventure, i.e. we do not know exactly where we are going to end up.  And our drive out to Loch Lomond (half and hour from our house) was rewarded as we found a smartened up car park at Malarkey Bay.  Loch Lomond is now a National Park so some facilities have been put in place in a more formal way.  I suppose this is to control the population visiting the area.

We did not have far to go before we found a circle of stones where there was a fire (a family were heading home so we took it over).  It was on the beach so all we had to do was gather sticks and get green branches for whittling 4 hot dog sticks.

I did not bring anything else besides a packet of hot dogs and French's (American) mustard.  Last time I took marshmallows and chocolate biscuits for them to make a toasted marshmallow sandwich.  It was not a success ... most marshmallows ended up in the fire.  Besides I really cannot be putting a toasted, fiery hot marshmallow in my mouth as I now have a partial denture.  My dentist would not thank me for a gift of melted plastic!

It was just great!  The kids could lark around on the beach and so we did not have a problem of figuring out where they had gone.

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Jinksy said...

What a super, atmospheric photo! Lucky you to live near such a lovely place...