Sunday, 20 October 2013


Act 1:

With ladies
With hearing aids
That don't work

Table set
Faux wooden table
No tablecloth

Act 2:

Meal partaken
Wine partaken
Coffee with
Bendicks mint chocolates

Act 3:

Monosyllabic lady on my right
Whispers in my ear
"Watch Her Ladyship opposite....
She's eating all the mints!"

Boredom is to be combatted
Desperate measures required.
"Let's push our plate of mints down the table
Towards her ... and see what happens."

Act  4  (The Disappearing Act):

Two mints on a plate
Being nudged down
Faux wooden table...
Towards Lady Who Scoffs Mints.

A hand, THE hand, reaches out
First one
Then the other

Stifled giggles
Coming from
Monosyllabic Lady and
Lady Who Should Act Her Age!

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