Monday, 7 October 2013


Autumn colours are lovely just now.  I walk to school with Ishie and Alastair and these is our early morning scenes on Wednesday of last week.

8:40 am at Kilmardinny Loch... and we came upon a heron situated about midline slightly to the right of centre of the photo. We kept very quiet and as we did so 2 swans joined, then some mallards.

 Mallards and a coot on the right in the mid distance.

Our route from the house along Kilmardinny Avenue.  We "leaf-plowed" our way along the avenue (as opposed to "snow-plowing".)

The trees that blew down in a winter storm several years ago have been transformed by a chain-saw artist.  This trunk has lots of animals carved on it.

The scene on my return about 9:10 am.  The early morning light has changed. The swans have come on to the grass to preen and wait for the dog-walkers to come along with bread.

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