Friday, 27 September 2013


Friends of ours were away for a week only to find when they returned home that their house had been burgled. The windows had been jemmied with a crowbar but not opened however the front door was given the same treatment leaving damaged door and frame around the lock.  It wasn't successful either so the lower panel of the door was kicked in and that was the entry point.

Anything taken? One or two things of no value. Like most of us ... there is nothing to take! No diamonds ... no cash ... no cheque books (even we who OWN them can't get use of them in shops!) No mess left apart from damaged doors and windows.

So what are they after? Silverware? No ... not desirable these days apparently.

It's Apple products!  iPhones, iPads and the like!

It's called "Apple Picking" particularly on subways and public areas. Welcome to the world of iCrime.

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