Friday, 27 September 2013


Friends of ours were away for a week only to find when they returned home that their house had been burgled. The windows had been jemmied with a crowbar but not opened however the front door was given the same treatment leaving damaged door and frame around the lock.  It wasn't successful either so the lower panel of the door was kicked in and that was the entry point.

Anything taken? One or two things of no value. Like most of us ... there is nothing to take! No diamonds ... no cash ... no cheque books (even we who OWN them can't get use of them in shops!) No mess left apart from damaged doors and windows.

So what are they after? Silverware? No ... not desirable these days apparently.

It's Apple products!  iPhones, iPads and the like!

It's called "Apple Picking" particularly on subways and public areas. Welcome to the world of iCrime.

Monday, 23 September 2013


Iain and I spent the weekend in Aberdeen attending a dinner dance on Saturday night. The weather was glorious and we made the most of it exploring the countryside and beaches.

These are photos taken at 10 am Sunday morning on the the beach looking out to the North Sea. The ships on the horizon are boats waiting to get into Aberdeen Harbour.
These posts are one of a series placed on the beach to stabilize the shore sand.  They reminded us of Rob's work at Jericho Beach in Vancouver except that these rows of posts are in a straight line, not a curve.

Lots of people were out  jogging or walking their dogs in the warm weather.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


What is this? There is no word on the container nor the price label to tell you.  This is basic information and it is simply not there.

Eventually I found what they are selling.  Around the back in small print heading the list of ingredients was the word "soup".

(Next time I buy soap powder for the washing machine I must remember to take a photo; it is another example of this most basic form of communication.)


Baby Harriet today joined me in the kitchen while the washing machine was going round and round.  It is wonderful what keeps wee ones amused

Here below is her big sister 6 years ago - different washing machine, same diversion technique.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Our morning walk to school today was in lovely autumn sunshine.

Alastair often wants to take his umbrella.  Today I pointed out that it was a lovely day; did he need it?  The answer was "Yes" and the reason he gave was "so he can walk on walls without falling off." 

As you do ... when you are 5 years old.  (Definitely holding Grandma's hand is NOT an option.)

Someday I will point out to Alastair his great-great-grandfather MacKenzie's swagger stick which lies in our living room (display case) coffee table. He was in the Seaforth Highlanders and was based in Gairloch, Wester Ross.

Here is a close-up of the silver head of the swagger stick.  He was a Sergeant in the Seaforth's hence the reason Iain's mother, his daughter, was known as "Barbara Sergeant".

Sunday, 15 September 2013


While trawling through some old UBC Yearbooks I found this programme from 1966. 

I recall going to see Pat Boone with John Hembling. We had dinner at the Cave beforehand. When reading the menu he asked me if I would like Chateuabriand.  I had no idea what that was!  (It's fillet steak.)

Pat Boone crooned beautifully, of course, but again ... my strongest memory was of going back-stage (a thing I had never done!) to get his autograph.  We lined up in a corridor and when I my turn came  (can't recall if John joined me) I was shocked to realize that I towered over him!  He was very good looking, but so short!

Be that as it may, here is the very piece of paper he autographed for me.

Sigh ......

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Taking photos of the grandchildre ... when you can catch up with them ... is great fun ....

Ishie aged 6 and a half at Dunira in the Square.

 Baby Harriet  (3 months) in the pram at the back door.

 Indy (2 years) at Castle Drummond Open Day fete.

Now where has Alastair (5 and a half years) gone ... again?!