Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I travelled by train from Stirling in central Scotland to Glasgow earlier this week.  The whole journey was extremely pleasant!  Changed days!

The station in Stirling was clean, the  coffee in the coffee bar was hot and tasted of really good coffee.  The train arrived and departed on time; it was clean and comfortable.  It arrived in Glasgow on time. What has happened?

It just got better! The big train station that serves the east and north of Scotland, Queen Street Station, was clean (!) and people were moving with ease through the manned barriers.

On the suburban train to Milngavie I found new refuse collection bags mounted on the Partick platform.  After all those years of not having any bins it is a welcome change!  

What has happened?

The ticket inspector on the way home said that monitoring has been taking place the last couple of years and the railway company is fined for not meeting their criteria.  For example he said the platforms have to be cleared of puddles,  garbage picked up on the coaches. (Collectors come along with poly bags on mainline runs.)

The Commonwealth Games are due in Glasgow next year.   I hope the city fathers can muster a massive clean-up campaign along these the lines of ScotRail!

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