Friday, 2 August 2013


Al and Dawn have arrived from Vancouver and with them is wee Indy.  Here he is just a week before his second birthday.  How time passes!

The weather has been good so it is off to the park at the back of the house.

We have the use of Ishbel and Alastair's shopping trolley.  Wonderful ... except when trying to navigate through all Grandma's flowers!

This is a fairly typical shot showing how Indy gets a view on things.  He walks about with care and confidence using railings on stairs or asking for a hand.  He is just like Alastair when he was 2 years old, i.e. fairly quiet in  his movements, not roaring around the place (like his 5 year cousin old Alastair A.). He doesn't rush into things and will back off if he is not certain about what he heading into... fair enough.  However, he had a go on the slide (or "shute" as they call it here) climbing up from the bottom then swooshing down quite the thing.

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