Thursday, 11 July 2013


Buchanan Street in Glasgow was abuzz with shoppers today ... out in the sweltering heat.

One of Glasgow's best kept secrets is the Apple Store located in this lovely Victorian building at the top of Buchanan Street.

Just to enter this store and stand and look around is a pure joy! Yes, staff in their blue T-shirts patiently answer my most mundane questions but I have to confess the real reason I like this store is .... 

... their beo-o-o-o-o-tiful glass spiral staircase to the upper mezzanine.  I took this photo at the top of the stair looking straight down.  The store is basically a rectangle, open plan, with rough stone walls (yellow sandstone as seen in top photo) on all sides.

I wondered about the curve.  The diagram above is a Fibonacci curve.  I superimposed (part of) it on to the photo above.

Just look at that!  The black line follows the inner glass wall of the stairwell.  The other stainless steel curve is the handrail.

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