Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I  have been out in the early morning these summer days.  It is my favourite part of the day.  Even as  child I was never one to spend extra time in bed reading or whatever.  Once awake I am up and ready for off.

I had the happy task of taking Baby Harriet out yesterday morning.  So I headed off for Kilmardinny Loch which is just a short walk away.  Nothing for it, but I meet the neighbours and also dog-walkers around the loch.  Wonderful!

Not only are there woodpeckers in the trees around the loch but the mallards and the swans are in evidence.  There were, however, no cygnets this year.  No eggs?  Or maybe eggs but they were eaten?

Today at our local supermarket there were some visitors: a swan and 6 cygnets!  In the Allander burn below the rampway to the supermarket were this family swimming below us as we pushed our trollies back out to the carpark.  Again ... a wonderful sight (in the pouring rain)!

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