Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Wee Indy who was born with a retinioblastoma in his left eye has had another operation to build up the socket of his left eye which had to be removed soon after he was born.  

It involves taking fatty tissue from his thigh and using this for the eye socket.  Then he is to get a new prosthesis.  He had this operation just after Christmas 2012 when we were in Vancouver visiting.  He was neither up nor down with it.  Both the eye socket and the thigh incision healed well. (The photo below illustrates the left leg scar.)

This time, Dawn says, he is pulling at the eye bandage and saying "eye" meaning "eye sore" I would guess.  So while is he more robust, i.e. bigger body weight and enjoys good health, he will have more oomph at pulling and certainly is more articulate about how painful it is.

 Hopefully this will be the last operation for awhile.  So the worst part is over, i.e. the surgery, but that doesn't mean the work and worry go away!  Now for the long haul of getting him to drink and then eat and keeping the wounds clean... not to mention getting some sleep in all of this.

 Every weekend we talk to Alastair and Indy on Skype.  It is absolutely wonderful as Alastair sits with his laptop on the coffee table and we get to see Indy playing in the room.  Here is a screen shot of him clomping into the living room wearing Daddy's trainers!

He comes up to the computer screen so that we can chat or sing a song.  This is another screenshot caught when he was not wiggling about!

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