Friday, 12 July 2013


We have a dog... that is, we have someone's lost dog.  It has been wandering around the neighbourhood all afternoon today.  Is it yours?  She has no collar.

Upon checking area, no one claims her.  Perhaps she is here on holiday at someone's house, i.e. being looked after by a relative or something?  The neighbourhood is Keystone Quadrant, i.e. up the hill from the Police Station and before you get to the Fire Station.

I have posted this photo on Lost and Found Pets in Scotland Facebook and also informed our local Milngavie Police (via Kirkintilloch station by phone).  They have contact details.

The dog is a female black Scotch terrier, the kind that is on the Black and White whisky label.  She is 5-10 years old, very biddable and responds to "sit".  Her coat is shorn. She does not respond to "Cassie" as I found on Facebook about someone missing a dog "2 hours ago in Milngavie".

Anyhow, she is not in any distress, is not particularly thirsty on this hot day.  Here she is:

LATER - FINAL OUTCOME: The owner reported the loss to police earlier.  Then we later reported her being "found".  [Did you know you don't phone your local police station any more.?  It is a central number: dial 101 and answer the button selection categories.] 

Owner and now dug re-united.  Ah-h-h .... she was a luvely pooch!

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