Monday, 15 July 2013


Our house backs on to a children's park. That is the roof of our house in the left background. Today the children were with us for 2 hours so we took a notion to get the hose out and clean up the park bench and swings.  The swings had a lot of bird droppings which, due to the hot weather, had rather baked on the seats and suspended chains.

I like to sit on this seat while they lark around on the grass.  In this hot weather  I even seek it out for shade ... a thing almost unknown in this part of the world!

While Iain worked the pressure hose on the seat the children and I got to work with the deck brush and the floor scrubbing brush.

Once the hose came our way things got much more fun!  There is Ishie standing in our boat bucket of 33 years ... still being put to good use.

All nice and clean!

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