Wednesday, 17 July 2013


The glorious weather continues and has meant we are out in the garden every day.  

Today Inger and Maggie joined us for lunch.  Iain is lecturing this week so he had already done a morning's work when he arrived home to join the party. 

Work? No way! Instead of going out to a restaurant I headed to Marks and Spencer and got some salad and quiche and some more wonderful Scottish strawberries. I hope someone gives M&S a gold star for the quality of its food.  Very, very impressive! I reckon you can't get better in any restaurant.

Some years ago I purchased (in the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar Nursery, Argyll, Scotland) this Canada Goose which is a windsock.  It is a wooden stick with a plastic/fabric windsock with feathers painted on it amd is threaded on the stick.  It has a rigid circular opening at the neck of the goose which I have taped over the years as the weather has weakened the edge of it. (It must be 20 something years old and, having had a look on the web I do not see them for sale ... under garden ornaments as opposed to hunter's decoys or kites!)

At the moment it is stuck in the ground next to a plastic rook which sits at the corner of the (at the moment) empty triangular flower bed.  In the photo (above) is a real rook on the grass coming to investigate ... or maybe he was looking for scraps from the luncheon table?

Sitting out in the evening waiting for the sun to go down, i.e. leave the garden, I photographed the goose with its windsock filled having caught the breeze just for a moment.  (The upper photo shows the windsock "deflated".)

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