Monday, 22 July 2013


We were attending a funeral in Ayrshire this weekend and decided to stay on for an extra day.  Having had 3 weeks of solid sunshine the fields in Ayrshire are showing every shade of green to gold.

Always happy to "wing it" we found a lovely ol' fashioned B&B in Ballantrae and enjoyed exploring the area the next day.

Ballantrae Bridge with a shady riverside walk below.

 * * * * * * * * *


Iain wanted to explore an area of geological interest which lies just north of Ballantrae.  The rocks indicate that tectonic plates have collided because lava from deep in the magma has come up to the surface as seen in the examples of "pillow lava".  Not having a photograph of an actual example of what it looks like (e.g. what colour is it?) we took a few photos just so further research could be undertaken.  Maybe he is standing on a bit of it?!

These 2 photos are simply markers on the landscape so if we make a return visit we can get back to where we were looking.

This cave is opposite, i.e. an easy feature in the coastal landscape.  There's a cairn opposite with information about a hermit who lived there until the 1970s.

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