Monday, 24 June 2013


Indy, our little grandson in Vancouver,  is coming up for 2 years old now.  Born in August 2011 he has been treated for retinoblastoma in his left eye.  After his eye was removed at age 3  months he has been monitored closely by the hospital team in Vancouver.

Today Dawn posted on Facebook (on which I follow all the various activities of the branches of the extended family) that Indy had another examination under anaesthetic.  The medical people are looking for any further evidence of tumors in the other eye.  There was none.

It certainly is a credit to the people involved at Vancouver Women and Children's Hospital and also, of course, to Dawn and Alastair who have all the work and worry looking after this little fella!

These are 2 recent photos taken by Alastair. As Dawn says, as they have got this far, maybe they are through the worst of it?

And while we are on the subject of darling little 2 year olds .... here is a photo taken of Alastair at the same age.  His hair seems to be the same colour and more or less peach fuzz!

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