Thursday, 16 May 2013


Iain and I took the children after school to see some owls which were sitting "on display" outside our local garden centre.  A young man was there with his donation bucket whilst answering questions about these owls the Clyde Valley Birds of Prey people have in captivity.

This Eagle Owl is absolutely huge!  She stands about half the height of Alastair as seen in the photo below ... say about 24 inches.  Her name is "Dakota". 

On the way home I asked the gang in the car "What was the biggest owl's name?"  Didn't know.   I prompted "Well, it is named after one of the American states."

Their reply:  "Ken Tuky?" !!!

This is a barn owl.  Again beautiful colouring.  These photos are "as is" i.e. no Photoshop enhancements ... who needs them?!

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