Thursday, 30 May 2013


As we await the arrival of Mairi and John's third child, it is time to gather some current photos of the both Alastair and Dawn's, and Mairi and John's, offspring.

First, the farthest away is Indy:

Here he is in daddy's trainers.  He is growing into a long and leggy wee boy and seems to be getting red hair.  All parents certainly have their hands full at this age, i.e. coming up for 2 years old but Dawn and Alastair have a particularly "challenging" job.  

Here is a little story of what happened recently; it could be titled "All's well that ends well"!  We speak to Alastair and Indy and Dawn every weekend and Alastair emails us occasionally.   Well we got this email entitled "We've lost Indy's eye".... Oh my goodness!  Indy's prothestic eye is vital to his appearance and, of course, very expensive and so this was a matter of great concern!  They tore the place apart looking for it as he had it in when he went to bed but it wasn't there in the morning.

A couple of weeks went by.  No eye.  Well last week we were up north and when I was sitting at the dinner table waiting while our hostess went to get the dessert, I felt my mobile phone vibrate in my pocket.  (I never keep the sound on.)  I stole a glance at the message title "We've found Indy's eye!".  Well I have had many messages since investing in a mobile phone but that had to be one of the strangest ... and happiest! .... ever!

Yes, it turned up.  Dawn shook out the mattress one last time, really hard and it plopped out.  No he had'nt swallowed it, no it wasn't down the toilet and as Dawn's mum said when they were visiting "When I asked Indy "Where is your eye, Indy?" he said it was in his bed!

Secondly, Alastair and Ishbel today in the park at the back of our house:

This is Alastair today, in the garden.  We were digging for worms. He found an ant and said he thought we had an anthill.  (I think we have some under the slabs.)  However, he found several worms all at once "I found a wormhill!"

Lastly, the little cot awaits the new baby which is due in one week's time.  A boy or a girl?  I expect that our life going to be upside-down for awhile! Just think ... back to nappies and night feeds!

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