Friday, 10 May 2013


Another year, another blog.  I launched this blog on this day in 2007 (here). Yes, I am a year older; probably not any wiser....!

So it has been 6 years since I started this blog!  Amazing!

**** LIFE ROLLS ON ****

I still enjoy a dram ... especially as it's my birthday today.  Age with honour: a good sentiment!

Healthwise: OK.  The varifocal glasses are holding up well. That bright cloth is a sample piece of cleanroom microfiber given to me back in the days when I worked with cleanroom people.

 I am never very far away from the car.  In this case it is the Volkswagen Golf that we bought a few months ago.  The pea green coffee flask is my answer to Alastair's Starbucks coffee jug.  Just fits into the car cup holder.  The yellow container  in the adjacent cup holder is Marks and Spencer hand-cream.  The white Hudson Bay fleece blanket on the passenger seat is from Alastair and Dawn this past Christmas.  The iPhone cable plugs into the state-of-the-art car radio - essential!


I still regularly meet with our Wine and Dine group.  Here is a sample of last Tuesday's evening at The Urban Grill, Glasgow city centre. (South African Pinot Noir, 2009)

I am still playing the piano and continue with music lessons every Wednesday morning.  In fact, I am doubling up this year as I (finally!) found a music teacher who is familiar with the Associated Board's Jazz Syllabus.  Basically I am a classical player and practice diligently. My problem is that I don't "play" about.  So it gets my nose out of the music as I doodle about ... up and down the keyboard.


Iain and I have volunteered to update one of the volumes of the Clyde Crusing Club's Sailing Directions.  To that end we are working on the Orkney and Shetland volume which includes the Northeast coast.  He does the charts; I do the text and take photographs.

Lastly here is a card from Mairi.  It made me laugh and laugh.  This is a parody of my neighbour, Dot, and I who share a fence and garden strip between our houses.  If the truth be told, we simply leap over the fence as no one is there to stop us!

And so back to the garden ... these petunias fell off in the last rain.  They are in a little glass beside a candle that Linda B gave me last Christmas.  They perch on the window ledge at the back of this computer.

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