Tuesday, 2 April 2013


We've been away in the North-east of Scotland gathering material for the Clyde Cruising Club's Sailing Directions for this area.

To that end we have been taking photos of the harbours and marinas in order to update the information in this book for yachtsmen sailing through these waters.

The weather was just wonderful the whole time we were there. This is the Moray Firth where yachts that have, perhaps, crossed the North Sea from Norway, will come into the entrance to the Caledonian Canal.  Indeed there was one yacht there who had come from Denmark and was heading through the canal to the west coast.

Meanwhile while driving from place to place I stopped to visit anything that caught my eye.  Here is doorway of the Parish Church at Avoch.

In the evening it was back to base with Louise and Andrew. Louise's garden was showing signs of early spring colour.

Early morning in Helmsdale.  The sun is shining on the North Sea.

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