Monday, 15 April 2013


The yachting organisation for whom I produce a 12 page newsletter entitled Tidelines is called the Clyde Cruising Club and is based in the west of Scotland. It is not a conventional yacht club with a clubhouse but rather it is a big organisation that run a variety of big and not-so-big events, are involved with  young dinghy sailors as well as handicapped sailors,  and lastly produce publications for yachtsmen.

Here is a screen shot of the front page of the April issue. (It comes out 3 times a year.)

The on-line version is below.  It opens in a third party website, i.e. a website for magzines. A grey box should appear with the field EXPAND in the centre.  Click on that to read the 12 pages.


The Clyde Cruising Club home page is here and this publication appears under the heading INFORMATION. It can be reached directly by clicking  here.   

Yes, a hard copy is still available for folk to read but this the web version.

Does this work? Will it be used? Probably by the younger generation only ... which is fine ... and it is a start!

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