Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Mairi introduced me to this restaurant in Glasgow a few weeks ago when we met up near the Western Infirmay on Byres Road, Glasgow.

I went there today giving myself a "Sunday" at Monday lunchtime in order to catch up and re-group.  The desk-top publishing work I do for a yachting organisation is now off to the printers. That is the Spring issue completed.

For lunch my habit is to order Soup of the Day and "you choose the sandwich or wrap or whatever to go with it".  I  have a social handicap: I eat anything.

This was the result: a lovely bowl of Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with a wrap of hot veggies and other stuff - just what I needed to get warm and eat someone else's cooking.           

Again ... when I order wine like this for lunch I always say "Your house red."  Again this single glass that I had (don't know the grape) was at room temperature, i.e. not freezing cold out of the back store room, and quite lifted my spirits (oops ... sorry for the pun) as I gazed upon the REAL daffs in the little glass vase sitting mid-table. Heaven in a glass ... well ... actually two glasses.

And this is the wallpaper - lovely.  Fig leaves, fig fruit with a wasp painted sitting on one of them. Fig. 2 lettering painted above it - clever!

The place simply ticked all the boxes (particularly the really basic ones like hygiene and food flavour and temperature):

Ladies washroom: spotless
Kitchen: clean and tidy
Ambience: The fireplace had a real fire in the grate under the big fire surround
Basic or Extras?: Local newspapers to hand
Service: existed and was appropriate for the occasion
Value for money:  Excellent - Lunch £5.00 for soup and sandwich. 

The Two Figs
5 and 9 Byres Road
Glasgow, G11 5RD
Phone: 0141 334 7277

Website: www.thetwofigs.co.uk

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