Monday, 25 March 2013


Ishie goes to Mosshead Primary School in Bearsden.  On Friday her year (Primary 2)  had a morning event in the form of a sort of pageant for parents and friends.   They presented their work on The Vikings. It lasted all morning and was absolutely terrific! 

Ishie had to be dressed as a little Viking girl. Mairi obtained a dress from the charity shop and we followed the teacher's drawing as to what a Viking child would wear.  We used an IKEA apron from my kitchen drawer, along with some spare Viking-like buttons we sewed on the dress. Then it was Mairi's beads and scarf and a little black purse to make le tout ensemble.  

A couple of the children had been selected to show their costumes. It was done in the form of a catwalk modelling session... down the middle of the Assembly Hall between all the rest of the children seated on the floor and the grown-ups in chairs.   Great fun!

It was a one hour presentation where each child spoke lines and a PowerPoint screen of images was used (on the stage) to illustrate the topics: where the vikings sailed, what their houses were like, their food and crops, the names and  images of their gods, their longboats and the Shetland Up Helly Aa festival.

It was lively and so imaginative! We sang songs and mini-plays were enacted: One fierce Viking 6 year old says to the collected group of other Vikings: "Are you up for adventure?"  "Yes!" they all roar. "And are you prepared to die in battle?"  "Yes!" they roar... "Well ... uh ... no, actually!"
After the 1 hour pageant (and a presentation of awards for the other years, e.g. "Award for "Listening'....!)  we were invited to walk through the Primary 2 classrooms to enjoy their table and wall displays.  The photo of Ishie above is of her at the food table offering everyone oatcakes with jam, brown bread and butter and 'mead' to drink.

This is the display of Ishie's weaving on display alongside the Runic Writing.  Goodness! Did we ever learn interesting stuff like that at school!  And this is for 6 year olds!

I had good fun at the "Design a Shield" table.  Their workbooks about Vikings were out on the table. Ishie is now making sentences so answers the questions in the book... which she loves doing.

One dad had a novel idea which he mentioned to The Young Viking Shield-Maker in Charge ... as manifested by me in the silly sign above.

So full marks to the teachers and staff involved in the Pageant of Primary 2!

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