Thursday, 14 March 2013


I spilled a glass of wine on to the keyboard and was forced into doing a spot of spring cleaning.  Badly needed!

There are instructions on how to clean a keyboard on Utube. I simply followed them as described below.  It is very, very easy and you cannot come to any harm.  I suppose it would apply to any keyboard. Mine happens to be a Mac.

[1] Unplug the keyboard. In good light take a photo of the whole keyboard making sure you can see the symbols clearly; my photo could have been a little sharper.  

[2] Prepare a bowl of warm soapy water (use ordinary washing up liquid). 

[3] Using a letter opener or similar flat, narrow implement pop off the keys.  It is easy and they don't break. Insert the implement under the centre and lever it upwards. Pop!  Don't worry about remembering where everything goes; your photo will keep you right.

[4] Put the keys in the basin of water and wash. Rinse off the suds and lay them out on a towel to dry.  Make sure the centre cylindrical core is dry.  Maybe use a Q-tip to get out all the dust and crumbs from the keys that have springs.

[5] Clean the keyboard using soapy water and a cloth or cotton wool.  Maybe isopropyl alcohol is OK but I couldn't find any place that sold it.

[6] When bone dry replace all the keys using your photograph for guidance. Maybe leave overnight?  I didn't and everything was fine.

Extra thoughts: 

[1] If a key doesn't work, check that it is on the right way around!  I had the space bar on backwards! (The slope goes to the back. The springs were sloppy until I turned the whole thing around.)

[2] Occasionally tip the keyboard over and shake out crumbs and fluff.  

[3] If a single key ever sticks or is flaky when pressed, think nothing of popping it off to check underneath.  I have now learned - it is all amazingly easy... and effective!

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