Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Mairi and John and the children have been taking advantage of the good weather to climb some mountains not far from Glasgow.  They are within easy reach of the city and are not too high for little legs.

Mairi asked Alastair:
"Did you like the hill walking we did?"
"No... because my legs were sore."
"Well ... that's part of the fun of it!."
"M-m-m-m" he responded, "That wasn't part of my fun!"

Granpa and Alastair in the back yard meausuring out the area for a wood shed.

While I was helping Ishie how to swing on monkey bars (a thing I could never do at her age) this little monkey had dragged two large cut branches to the base of this small tree ... and climbed his way up while my back was turned!  That is Alastair in his school uniform: "Oh Heavens! Alastair!... Don't let your mum see your muddy trousers!"

Long legged Ishie in the play park behind our house.

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