Sunday, 24 March 2013


Coffee with Anne this Sunday morning as usual. For a treat she brought out her Simnel cake that she had baked... something I have never eaten.

For all that my mother baked cakes at Christmas and Easter she never made that one and somehow I never took up the habit.... which is mainly what my baking tends to be, i.e. things that she made.

Anne has been unable to taste anything in the last 6 months so bringing this out was a treat for her as well.  It was bitingly cold out this morning so this is just what the doctor ordered ... not just for the week before Easter but, more importantly, getting us through March!

All the family are well and healthy.  As I speak Iain is away up Dumgoyne for his Collie-Dog workout.  Mairi has just over 2 months to go before Baby Number 3 arrives. 

Roll on next week when the clocks go back!

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