Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Our first stop after we arrived in Vancouver was The Whole Food Store on on West 8th Avenue.

My eyes were out on stocks! All that wonderful produce ranging from British Columbia Delicious apples (which I used to take in my school lunch box every day) through to citrus fruit and avocados from USA ... and enormous, juicy mangoes from Australia!

But the pick of the bunch had to be these pomegranates which were the size of grapefruit!

We had Peter and Irene to dinner and my idea was to buy some BC wine and have the pomegrantes in a fruit salad for dessert.  The wine was Killer Cab which I bought (a) for the funky label and (b) because it was described (in small print) as an "Urban Wine" and was based, according to the label, in New Westminster, B.C.  Don't ask me about the wine: it was red and rough.  Enough said. (I am still puzzled by what an "urban" wine is; it seems the grapes are from California. What's all this "B.C. wine" then?)
I shall move on ... to the absolute pièce de résistance: pomegrantes!

Iain made the main course; I did the dessert.  In the manner of Addressing to the Haggis I simply had to demonstrate how to get the seeds out of a pomegranate!

Nigella Lawson demonstrates on a YouTube video how amazingly simple it all is: you simply cut the fruit in  half, take a rolling pin (or piece of firewood if you don't have one) and strike it sharply causing the fleshy, juicy seeds to fly out into the bowl you have handy to receive them.

Voilà! That's is all there is to it!  (Watch they don't fly out on to your guest seated next to you, the one wearing the creamy white Dior jumpsuit..!)

Nothing for it, but I had to go and buy another one which we had on chocolate ice-cream New Year's Eve ... and for those who partake, a Scotch Malt Whisky Society dram!

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Vagabonde said...

I don’t eat pomegranates because I thought they were too much trouble. I’ll have to try your way of getting the seeds out.