Wednesday, 16 January 2013


While in Vancouver I spent some pleasant hours taking Alastair and Dawn's dog, Nessie, out to the park across the road opposite the Van Dusen Gardens on Oak Street. 

 With only my iPhone to hand I took this photo of an inversion over downtown Vancouver at 10 am just before New Year's Day.  (You have to look hard to see the tall buildings sticking up through the low lying cloud.)

Turning 180 degrees I caught Nessie in the sunlight shining through the trees in the park. 

Nessie is an Australian Blue Heeler breed of cattle dog... and a great dog she is - full of fun and obeys commands immediately and correctly.

Apparently these dogs were bred from Northumbrian Heelers and dingos in Australia. So with that thought in mind here is a "doctored" photo (using Photoshop) turning day into something ghostly ... maybe from the aboriginal Dreamland.

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