Monday, 21 January 2013


A gift to us last year was this lovely book "Discovering the Millau Viaduct" by Patricia Vergne Rochès and Tony Rochan "in close collaboration with Michel Virlogeux The Structural Engineer who designed the Millau Viaduct."  Details in footnote.

Michel and his wife Hélène visited us last year in order to go sailing on the West Coast of Scotland.  They met our grandchildren and sent us this children's book about the building of this bridge.

Alastair (nearly 5 years old) pulled it off the shelf in the kitchen this week and he and Ishbel (6 years old) were enjoying having a look at it.

Alastair liked this page best especially the red drawing of a line of cars (traffic jam in the Millau Valley).

Isbel is a good reader and now sounds out all the words.

But look at this: after we had read the book together (with some heavy editing by Grandma) they dumped out the box of Lego and made a construction of pier supports for a bridge like they had been reading about in the book!

Full marks Monsieur Virolgeux and your 2 authors!  

And, for what it is worth,  the statistics for the number of hits for this website always - yes, month after month -  record my posting on the Millau Viaduct ... actually it was about Michel, "Le Concepteur" . The most popular by far is this post of June 2008  here   and to lesser extent here in a post of May 2010).

Oh ... and this is it!


Discovering the Millau Viaduct, This one is in English, i.e. ISBN 978-2-9531888-2-9.

A la découverte du viaduc de Millau, 10 Euros, as seen on their website

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