Thursday, 24 January 2013


The number of grandchildren is increasing!  At our age it is wonderful to have 'arrivals' in our life to replace the 'departures'!  There are now 3 with Mairi expecting another baby in June.

Here is Iain David MacLeod, called Indy, who is 16 months in this photo taken at Christmastime in Vancouver. He features elsewhere in this blog.  Mum and Dad, Dawn and Alastair are finding they have a budding mountaineer on their hands as he now is the age when he has to climb up on to everything.  I think he looks mostly like Grandpa Dave.

Mairi and John have 2 children and are expecting a third in early June.  So, with the aid of modern technology in the form of an ultra-sound scan image, here is the line-up:

 Alastair at nearly 5 years old.

Ishbel at 6 years old

 Baby Albiston at 20 weeks: this is the time fetal abnormalities are looked for, e.g. cleft lip, spina bifida, heart anomalies.  All is well.  No.... I do not know the sex.

The blue blanket was Mairi's "blanky" which she dragged around until age of 2 years old.  It was crotcheted by Iseabail and the ribbon is a third or fourth replacement of the original.

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