Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Advent is about waiting. We are all doing a lot of waiting these days: the traffic is busier than ever with delivery vans everywhere (parked on every double yellow line) and the shops have queues building up as people prepare for Christmas gift-giving.

However there is waiting and waiting I have decided.  Last week I was waiting in the queue in Marks and Spencer's at Bearsden Cross.  The lady in front of me was with her 3 year old girl at the check-out.  The M&S lady turned to the little girl and asked "And what would you like for Christmas?"

Without missing a beat, the little girl replied "A Real Baby"!

Well I laughed and laughed!  Yes, I guess Christmas really is about A Real Baby and its arrival which Started It All, you might say.

We all remember coming up 6 years ago when Mairi was expecting their first baby at this time of year; it was all very exciting!   And, indeed, Baby Ishie arrived just before the bells on December 31st!

Now it is that time of year again with her 6th birthday soon.  But ... wait for it ... we have another bit of excitement:  Ishie and Alastair ... and the rest of us ... are going to be getting A Real Baby! No , not for Christmas but nonetheless, a wonderful Christmas present: Mairi is expecting a baby in June!

So while we wait, here is the line-up of the grandchildren's stockings:

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