Saturday, 17 November 2012


The National Library of Scotland has acquired the archive of Patrick Leigh Fermor.  It has been bought with a grant from the John R Murray Charitable Trust which assists NLS in the care and promotion of access to the Library's John Murray Archive. Leigh Fermor was published by the Murray family.

National Library of Scotland link is here.

Its arrival at NLS was just before the publication of a new biography of Leigh Fermor,  An Adventure, by the writer and family friend Artemis Cooper. It is published by John Murray, October 2012.

Artemis is PLF's literary executor and a good friend. Her father, the historian John Julius Norwich was a friend of Paddy’s for many years. The book will fill in many of the gaps in his life story, including more details about the last stage of his 1934 journey through Bulgaria, Romania, and Thrace to Constantinople.

Jan Morris wrote a review in the Telegraph newspaper here

There is an another long and interesting article here written by Jan Morris at the time of PLF's death in June 2012. 

Lastly, there is masses of material about him on this website here.

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